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Edit Photos Easy and Fast with PhotoScape

PhotoScape is one of the most downloadable graphics editing programs in the internet right now. It was developed by the … [Read More...]

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2014 Mercedes Benz E550 Cabriolet

If you got some money to spend for the best car this coming 2014, then for sure you have to consider on getting the … [Read More...]

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Working with a DJ Mixer

Every night I work in a disco bar as a disc jockey. I must admit that I have contributed to why hundreds of people flock to the bar. It could have been my style of music; or it could have been the price which everyone can afford. My secret to the … [Read More...]

It Takes Two to Walk Out

My brother and I had different past time when we were young. I loved reading pocketbooks such as Mills and Boon. I was reading under the tree in my hammock until I drift off to sleep for my afternoon nap. My brother Kent loved to play with his … [Read More...]

From Pedals To Everyday Use

The vintage danelectro was advertised to be used for pedals, so I bought it for that purpose. It hold its charge better than any battery I had, surpassing other popular ones in the market in my opinion. For that reason, I had to buy another set. But … [Read More...]

Nothing Beats The Echo

I used to rely on a digital modeler. It was cheap, easy to use, and does the job, though not as adept as I wanted it to. But as any person who want to create good sounds, I craved for something more. The digital modeler just did not fit the bill … [Read More...]

An Interesting And Educational Read

Compared to my friend Drew, I have only been playing the saxophone for a year, whereas he has been doing it all his life. I actually admired his skills, which was why I wanted to play the sax in the first place. To help me with my playing, Drew … [Read More...]