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Edit Photos Easy and Fast with PhotoScape

PhotoScape is one of the most downloadable graphics editing programs in the internet right now. It was developed by the … [Read More...]

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2014 Mercedes Benz E550 Cabriolet

If you got some money to spend for the best car this coming 2014, then for sure you have to consider on getting the … [Read More...]

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My Brother Loves his Guitars

My brother’s really serious about being the manager of this up and coming band. As I’ve said, they recently finished first at a local battle of the bands for which he rewarded his boys with a new set- up. It’s therefore no surprise that he also makes … [Read More...]

Holding The Harmonica In Place

Kenneth never had a sibling. His parents married late, so they only had one offspring. Kenneth always loved the harmonica and guitar, but since he is a single child with no brother or sister to jam with, he had to play both himself. To do this he … [Read More...]

My Dream of Being A DJ

Recording music using my home karaoke system set might not be wonderful or a really big thing but it is a great source of pleasure for me. I am so inspired of other DJs at the local clubs, especially that I like going to clubs with my friends on … [Read More...]

Working with a DJ Mixer

Every night I work in a disco bar as a disc jockey. I must admit that I have contributed to why hundreds of people flock to the bar. It could have been my style of music; or it could have been the price which everyone can afford. My secret to the … [Read More...]

It Takes Two to Walk Out

My brother and I had different past time when we were young. I loved reading pocketbooks such as Mills and Boon. I was reading under the tree in my hammock until I drift off to sleep for my afternoon nap. My brother Kent loved to play with his … [Read More...]