4G and PAYG – is it a good idea?

Not long ago, the pioneering mobile network operator EE, which was the first to bring superfast 4G broadband to the UK, announced that it was launching pay as you go (PAYG) 4G tariffs for the very first time. The aim was to give customers who love the flexibility and freedom of pay as you go plans the chance to enjoy the amazing speeds of 4G on their own terms.

However, the amazing thing about 4G – it’s lightning fast speeds – is also what could make it incompatible with pay as you go phone users. Being able to browse online, download content, check emails, stream videos and play games at superfast speed means that users burn through more data, more quickly. If you are on a PAYG plan and have to pay for all the data you use, this could make 4G a very expensive prospect indeed.

EE, luckily, has come up with a few solutions, to make 4G more of a cost-effective and workable idea for its pay as you go customers. To start with, it is aiming its PAYG tariffs at low usage or low income users, which are among the main users of PAYG plans to begin with. The network has made available handsets such as the Nokia Lumia 625 and the Alcatel One Touch Idol S on pay as you go, both of which are affordable to buy up front and provide the features you’d expect from a low to mid-range smartphone.

Even better, EE has put together bundles to allow pay as you go users to get the very most for their money. For example, a customer can go for:

  • A data bundle for £3 which provides 100MB for 30 days
  • A talk time bundle for £3 which provides 100 minutes for 30 days
  • A text bundle for £2 which provides 400 texts for 30 days

As an added incentive to customers, EE is also offering a free 10GB  of data if PAYG users commit to 90 days of its service, as well as 2014 free minutes (to be spread out throughout next year) to customers upgrading from 3G to 4G pay as you go before January 2014. These bundles give PAYG customers much better value, allowing them to combine bundles to get the package they need whilst still enjoying 4G.