A DIY Carpenter’s Treasure Chest

In this modern times when almost everybody is on the race with time in everything they do almost anybody could DIY simple home and office furniture needs just by simply following catalogs or product assembly specifications. We don’t need to haul whole furniture from supplier’s warehouse in huge trucks to where we need them delivered because we could get furniture in small boxes with complete supplies provisioned; and assemble them personally at home or in the office.

One could always get supplies too from http://www.reidsupply.com if you are not completely sure you won’t need additional screws, bolts and nuts to bring together those ready to assemble pre-fab furniture. It’s good to be on the ready because we couldn’t know some bolts and nuts would roll off and get lost. We don’t want half assembled or 2/3rd assembled furniture on hand when we already have the immediate need for it and wait till we could get down to a hardware to get the missing supplies.