Advertising in the New Age

Looking for fun things to do with your electronic devices like computers and projectors? You can line them up together and produce different images to create on big screen for your enjoyment. The latest forms of video wall are now composed of LCD panels and LED arrays. Video walls are seen nowadays on electronic billboards flashing advertisements. They are also seen during trade fairs for business presentations.

The advantage of using video walls is that the image can be changed every now and then. Printing of images would take time such as printing tarpaulins and posters. For video walls, they save time and effort in printing because after creating the design, they are immediately able to post it by simply directing the file into the wide screen. The only disadvantage of using the video wall is that it is a complicated process and a normal person would find it difficult to make it work without the help from an expert. Also, the components would have to be taken cared of properly because they are expensive and are hard to repair when damaged.