Another First: Cable Car Ride!

Just a few blocks away from the condo unit where we stayed in Hong Kong was the Ngong Pin 360 cable car. At first, I wasn’t really interested to take a ride but then my companions, Sylvia and Ailaine, were able to convince me to take the ride.

And so there I was, smiling at every photos they take while trying to hide my fear of heights. It was my first time to take that ride and I could say that I suddenly got used to it as time passed by. It was more than a 30-minute ride and the cable car crossed around six or seven hills before arriving at its destination.

I was relieved when the cable trip ended. But then, when we went to the Hong Kong Ocean Park, we opted to take another cable car ride. And what made my fears worst is that the cars are smaller and they look more fragile. Good thing it was just a short, 10-minute ride!