App Game Addiction

Technology has become easy for us; our forms of entertainment can all be put into one gadget; from movies, ebooks, music and games. My husband is so addicted to playing games in his android and my daughter seem to like too, even my mother-in-law was into it but playing games as means of entertainment never really amused me.

There are lots of downloadable games made available for Androids, Iphones and tablet PC’s and each week they seem to have hundreds of new games you can download to try and play. There is really nothing wrong playing with them except I find it a waste of time playing and increasing your level.

I remember back then when I was busy with the Facebook games; Farmville and Farmtown was pretty much popular back then and every day I see people growing their farms to a larger land with cool plants and barns, trees and animals and then all of the sudden no one played it anymore because the games where hacked.

Today people are so hyped about temple run, candy crush saga, minions, angry birds, playing them not on their free time but every time they could squeeze in to increase or unlock a level. Addicted people taking too much of their time playing knowing that one day it will all be frozen and no cares anymore, if you ask me; it was a complete waste of time but hey as long as you’re not regretting or going insane about it that’s okay.