ASUS Windows 8 Tablets

Holiday season will not be so fruitful if the prices for the three upcoming tabs by ASUS leaked, but sadly for ASUS, it did. It has leaked in the net of how much ASUS plans of charging for the ASUS Vivo Tab RT, ASUS Vivo Tab and the ASUS Taiichi.

The ASUS Vivo Tab RT is going to cost somewhere around $599, the ASUS Vivo Tab will cost a hefty $799 and the ASUS Taiichi will cost an astounding $1299. Docking for both the ASUS Vivo tabs are going to cost $199.

Comparing these prices to those of Apple’s iPads, the two versions of the iPad 3 is going to cost $499 and $699 respectively, and can be purchased from Apple’s online store.

On the back hand, by looking at these rumored prices it seems that ASUS is planning to sell most of its tabs to men and women involved in the business area as it has a lot of features in it for them but the common tablet buyers can also have a go at these tabs.

ASUS’s president, Jerry Shaw announced that it will wait for the prices of Apple’s iPad and then they will announce the price tag of their Windows 8 devices.

He said that a cheap Microsoft Windows 8 tablet will be ineluctable to ASUS as they will be aiming for the higher end of the range. Judging by the rumored prices, it seems that Mr. Jerry’s comments were true indeed and there is a high possibility that these price tags will in evidently become the real price of the tablets.