Being Both Winners: Microsoft VS Apple

From the first computing tools like abacus up to super thin laptops, there has never been a void time that these ‘friends’ become influential. These computing machines we now call computers grew with mankind. I also observed how those bulky desktops turned into flat screen monitors, from a single processer to multi-processor, from DOS operating systems to Windows.

Our computer era today is a friendly battle between the two biggest names in computers: Microsoft and Apple. These two gigantic companies won’t stop until they release products and software applications that can satisfy the technological craze and hunger of the people. I as a consumer of their products and services, cannot pinpoint directly which one is better. I have enjoyed both of them in a million ways. Each company has their own unique ways to appease people’s hearts from their operating systems, games, and user-friendliness.

Considering how fast the advancement of computers is, I am not fully aware of how fast Microsoft and Apple release new products and applications. One day I can see a new release and after months of trending, they have already created a new version or so. You cannot stop these two from competing in the market. Sometimes I think this battle is like a street brawl where no one dares to stop giving blows, and continue to stand up when trampled down.