Book of the TMI Prequel: Clockwork Angel

In this book it takes us back more than a hundred years before the Mortal instruments series on the reign of Queen Victoria. Tessa Gray just arrived in London after her Aunt Harriet died; her brother sent her a letter to follow him to London so that they can live together but she was kidnapped by the Dark sisters who works for the Magister, a powerful man who is obsessed with Automatons and the one who operates the Pandemonium club. They trained her to enhance her unknown power for the Magister’s use. She was a shape shifter, a changeling, one who can transform herself into another being. She met Will Herondale, a shadow hunter who saved her. She was sheltered into the London Institute along with the other Nephilims who will be her new found family knowing that her brother betrayed her for working for the Magister; she was left baffled of her brother’s betrayal and the Magister’s reason why he wants her.

When I first heard about the prequel of The Mortal Instruments series (TMI), I had second thoughts to whether I should read them or not because I really loved TMI. A friend of mine suggest that I should read the prequel before reading Book 4 and 5 of TMI because there are characters mentioned in TID that is included in Book 4 and 5. This series which is called The Infernal Devices (TID) is similar to the TMI series only it was dated a hundred years back and in this series there are familiar Family names and characters that still present and mentioned in the TMI, these characters are the ancestors of present day shadow hunters.

I like how Tessa Gray is not a shadow hunter but a warlock that is not marked, but completely looks like human. Upon reading the 1st book I was also drawn to the big mystery why Tessa Gray was created, what she truly is. Another is that of Will Herondale’s character, his frequent mood swings, clearly he likes Tessa. He had kissed her, shown those intense emotions but after that he starts to become hostile and obnoxious, not only to Tessa but to everyone, It’s like he just wants to look bad in front of everyone like he’s putting this wall so that no one can get inside of him. I really wanted to know Will, and why be behaves like he does. There’s an explanation there and I want tor read the next book to find out.