Can’t dance but I can sure look sexy

I’m really not a dancer; come to think of it my body doesn’t follow the dance beat. My friends would always poke fun at me whenever there’s a very popular dance step and I’m the last one to follow. I’m actually not really that bad at dancing; it’s just that my body is too stiff to loosen up when it comes to modern dances. Hey I could try novelty dances, I know how dance ocho-ocho or the spaghetti dance, even the gangnam style but please just don’t dare me to dance the step up style.

My husband always commends me that I could be sexy when I dance, being sexy is like nothing. All you need to do is to grind, and just emphasizing those curves it’s just free style dancing. One time I put on a Sexy Dancewear and tried to look seductive and just danced in front of him. He went crazy and said that I should do it more often.