Benefits of Travel Insurance

Holidays are perfect time to chill out or travel with loved ones. As much as we want to enjoy, there are some things we need to ensure before heading out for some fun adventure. One thing you might as well have is travel insurance. It’s easy to comprehend that you’ll get a certain benefit with […]

Workplace: My Second Home

For most hours of the week, I spend most of my sober hours at the office. My call time is seven in the morning and I go home at exactly five o’clock in the afternoon. For five days, that would be tantamount to more or less fifty-five hours at the office. I eat breakfast and […]

The Era of Robots Nearing

With artificial intelligence getting more and more sophisticated as the days go by, several are curious if the world is already treading the era of robots – a period wherein labor workforce will be invaded by robots and displacements of humans will be prevalent. This set-up is quite an exaggeration at the moment. While we […]

Running a Networking Business

There are tons of business ideas that anyone can venture in nowadays. But, not all are bound to be successful. A lot has to be considered when opening a new business. Presently, the boom of networking industry, while clouded with controversies, is booming. Why? Aside from relatively larger return of investments in a short period […]