Heroes of Newerth (Hon): Knowing the Newerth

The Heroes of Newerth or Hon is a multiplayer online battle arena video game that distributed and developed by S2 Games that are compatible for Linux, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows. It is the first multiplayer online battle arena game that was released by S2 Games on the 12th of May 2010. General Game […]

League of the Legends (LoL): Most Played Game

League of Legends or LoL is known to be a multiplayer online battle arena video game that was distributed and developed by Riot Games and is compatible with both Max OS X and Microsoft Windows. It was introduced on 7th of October 2008 and was later released on the 27th of the same month. Currently, […]

Guide in Playing Different Online Games

Online games are widely spread in the internet right now and almost everyone is already familiar with the different available online games that they can play with the use of their computer. Due to that, a lot of people are interested in knowing more details about the online games and what could be some of […]

Lottery: Better Luck Next Time

Entertainment for All Ages

Online gaming has grown in popularity within the last ten years. Online gaming also has a little bit of something for everyone. There are games that are great for children under the age of 12. There are also games that are for more mature adults as well. From action and adventure games to word puzzles […]