Facebook Application Will Boost Your Business

The very popular social network Facebook, is available as a app on most smartphones. This app allows a user to go directly to the website, without needing to enter the address into their search engines. Also, this app allows the user to easily keep an eye on the updates and status changes of their friends […]

Scams and Scammers Grows Fast

The life structure of an Internet scam is basic. They’re frequently simply conceivable enough to be accurate –yet ludicrous enough to stun –and hold components that incite a passionate response. As the most prominent informal community on the planet, Facebook is prolific ground for lies and scams, which swiftly go viral as individuals offer posts […]

Facebook Fever

Almost all people that can use computers have their own Facebook account. In our age today, Facebook is considered not just an ordinary application but it can be considered as a part of our life being involved in our daily routine. And because of its demand, Facebook on cellphones become one of the greatest application […]

Skype Hype

Communicating with somebody nowadays can be done with a few buttons using our cellphones and/or gadgets. We can chat, call, and for a more realistic experience, we can video call. Many applications that ease communication started popping out of the market as soon as advance tools were introduced. Until now, I’ve been using only one […]

Instagram: The Love for Photos and Sharing

I think everyone knows about this smart phone application, this has become popular in other social networking sites. People posting there pictures with filters and other fun things to do with their photos, this application has become a trend when taking a picture. Whenever we take pictures, we immediately put it on Instagram and share […]