Check Out The Top 10 Apple Apps Of 2012

A good app can make your day go a lot smoother in a lot of ways.  Some apps can help you pass the time while sitting in a doctor’s office while other apps can help you research the big project due at work in a week.  The problem is that there are so many apps to choose from that it can become overwhelming trying to find the ones that you want and need.

It’s important to take a look at the list of the top 10 apple apps for 2012 and then find out which ones are right for you.  Once you have found the apps that you have been dreaming about your whole life you can download them, some will cost, and you will be set to have all that you need in the palm of your hand.

Here’s a top ten list of great apps that can fulfill everyone’s needs.

  1. Facebook – it’s about time.
  2. RunKeeper – track your jogging time and the routes you take on each run.
  3. Dropbox – the most efficient app to transfer files.
  4. Skype – the best way to talk on your mobile device.
  5. Movies by Flixter – it gives you show times for movies depending on your geographical region.
  6. Twitter – finally its official app is here.
  7. Evernote – keep your thoughts in order with this note taking app.
  8. Kindle – all the books you could ever read on one app.
  9. Around Me – find out all the cool local stuff that’s around you.
  10. iHandy level free – now you can keep the dusty old metal level in the garage.