Chief Source of Knowledge

Computer technology has indeed started to change many aspects of people’s lives over the past few years. One of these is the approach to teaching and learning. Most of the people cannot even have a complete day without using this technology. They consider it as a part of their every day routine that once it is not used, there is a feeling of inadequacy. Many people believe that the Internet will greatly enhance students’ lives, but in fact its costs outweigh the benefits.

It is a fact that the Internet is a valuable source of information for students, but it is not the best means of transmitting this information to them. In addition, people have to guard against developing an unhealthy dependence on it for it would only give a physical and mental weakening for them. Thus, formal education or face-to-face contact is still the best way to convey and impart the knowledge that the students need. The Internet is just a supplementary book for learners, and not the chief source of knowledge.