Earth Hour and Big Miracle

In celebration with the Earth hour, I’m going green by watching the movie Big Miracle. It is a rescue adventure drama which was released last February 2012 starring Drew Barrymore, John Krasinski, and Kristen Bell and this was directed by Ken Kwapis.

This movie was inspired by a true story. It is about a small town reporter and an environmentalist who brought together rivaling superpowers to rescue a family of endangered Gray Whales trapped in the Arctic Circle of fast forming ice. These Whales don’t seem to be able to get out or rather have difficulty breaking the ice.

I love the movie, it really made me cry just watching those whales trapped, weak, and calling for help because they could die if they remain there for too long just broke my heart. It was really inspiring to see the townspeople paused from their work and school just to help break the ice for the whales because no matter how big and powerful those giants may seem they still needed help.