Eating Ala Wild West!

It was a fine Thursday when I decided to go to the gym after office hours. At the gym, I met my friend Sylvie, who works with my employer’s sister company. It was a tiring and sweaty afternoon for the both of us. But it was more tiring for her since she is having her monthly period.

After our dancing session, we agreed to dine out so that we could catch up on each other’s lives while eating our dinner. At first I thought we could just settle for a burger and fries kind of dinner, but then I was shocked when she insisted that we eat in a place that offers big servings. So we ended up at Chub’s Diner—a western themed restaurant here in our place.

I ordered a burger steak meal and a fries with that cheesy Mexican dip. And in all fairness, my friends’ craving was really satisfied with their food. I would definitely be going back to that diner.