Economics of Computers

I am lucky enough to be born in this age where technology was such bliss. I can do almost all task I needed from researches, type documents, and even play games in my very own personal computer. Imagine living in the past where ENIAC and EDVAC were the hype of computers. Well, I think I can still appreciate those times because at that time, those things were the breakthroughs of what we currently enjoy today.

Almost every home in the community nowadays possesses either a computer desktop or a laptop. Decades ago, having one of these computers placed you in the upper part of the society because not all can afford these kinds of gadgets. But today, having one of these is a must. Computers turned out to be a necessity. I believe having a personal computer not only saves time and effort but it is a form of reward. This reward is what we get from all those people that pioneered in creating computers.

Investing in computers surely promises great return. I mean, it does not generate physical monetary value but what computers can do for us profits us in many ways. I remember after buying my own laptop, I did not have to go to computer shops that surely save time and money. I can do my home works, researches, and enjoy myself anywhere and anytime. I don’t even have to bother finishing what I have to do until the day ends because there will be no available computer shops. I can create my own timeline into when and where I want my task done. So remember, do not hesitate to save yourself from troubles. Devote enough financial capital to buy a computer that surely has high return of investment.