Ember – Capture, Organize and Share

Ember is a free application that is released and developed by Realmac Software. It is a companion application of the Ember for Mac if you are familiar with it. Actually, Ember for iOS is a standalone application and it is best to be used in the Mac application.

The Use of Ember

If you do not have any idea about Ember, it is a basic application that is being used in order to capture, organize and share the different things that are related about you, or want to store it for future purposes. This can be used in different fields which may includes the screenshots, images, gift ideas, designs and a lot more. To explain it simpler, this is like an electronic scrapbook that is stored in your smart phones.

Lot of Features

There are a lot of people who are already using Ember because it is a simple and basic application but offers a variety of features for you to enjoy. You could just easily check the images and other things that you have stored on it and used it whenever you want.

If you are someone who is very organized and would like to keep all your files inside storage then it is best for you to use Ember. Everything will be easy for you with Ember. Whether you capture images, organize different files, or even share it wherever you want, those can just easily be done and accomplished with Ember.