Facebook Fever

Almost all people that can use computers have their own Facebook account. In our age today, Facebook is considered not just an ordinary application but it can be considered as a part of our life being involved in our daily routine. And because of its demand, Facebook on cellphones become one of the greatest application breakthroughs.

facebook logo

Whenever I need to update my status, check my friends’ and family’s lives, know what’s new, talk to someone, post my pictures or videos, and express whatever I want; it’s Facebook time! Facebook is my all-in-one package application. I can access it whenever and wherever I want using my cellphone. I don’t need to have a bulky laptop with me to enjoy it to the fullest. Facebook is so convenient that even businesses and advertisements use it for its wide range capability of spreading information and marketing.

Each of us has different reasons for creating a Facebook account: some for fun, some for business functions, and some for just trying it out. I created my Facebook account just to play games and I didn’t saw what’s coming. What’s coming for me is experiencing what technology has to offer. For me, Facebook is one of the greatest inventions in human history.