Facebook Has to Deal With a Lot of Unscrupulous People

Today Facebook our modern day best friend most of us confided with. Love quarrels, heart aches and happiness found their way to Facebook’s wall first thing every morning and last thing at night. Many pour all their life’s happy and sad moments in Facebook making statuses from saying thank you to shouting their perceived life inequalities.

You could tell who is in love, who is angry and who is having bad relationship with a partner just by reading their posts and wall status. You could calm riotous feelings just by reading words of wisdom being shared in Facebook by friends having a grand day. You can get enlightenment from friends who immediately asked “what is wrong” after reading your status. You could see happy moments together before with pictures you posted during happier and cheerier times. Bad and negative thoughts sometimes can be circumvented by reading and browsing Facebook. Facebook sometimes can provide the therapy to make us uphold positive outlooks and help prevent untoward incidents.