For the Love of Food

I have always been a lover of food—good food and I can also make one too. But most of the time, I would always love to try to eat in a restaurant or food chain that’s new to me. Two of the most remarkable places that I’ve tried lately were Sbarro and Burger King.

Burger King was memorable because I was able to dine at Burger King for the first time in its Victoria Peak branch in Hong Kong. But with Sbarro, I first tried it at SM Mall of Asia in Manila. I was attracted with the way they serve their food. They do not thrift their sauce, especially with their Lasagna. Their sauce is organically made from tomatoes and you can really taste the natural flavours of tomatoes and spices. I know it because I know how to make good food. Their pizzas are great too! Their meals are just simply irresistible for food lovers like me.