Four Smartphone You Must Have


Telephones have really progressed since the early parts of the 20th century. Currently smartphones are the most popular model of phones. These smartphones can perform the same functions as a computer. Though there are dozens of different smartphones to choose from only four standout from the rest. Androids, Iphones, Windows Phone and Blackberry smartphones are leading the pack. These phones provide awesome features and functions at affordable prices.

1. The Windows Phone

Windows is known for creating awesome products and top notch electronic devices. With the addition of the Windows Phone, Windows has yet again pushed the limits of what is possible. Their smartphone allows you to access all of the same great features found on Windows. This phone is awesome for both business as well as personal use.

2. Android Phone

Android Phones have risen in popularity within the last five years. These phones are accompanied by a large array of different tablets and even notebooks. Android phones come with a wide variety of apps that give the user access to maps, games, entertainment and more.

3. Apple Phones (iphones)

The most well known brand of smartphones is the iphone. Since the early 2000’s these phones have circulated a huge buzz. The latest installment is the Iphone 5s which has totally revamped the Iphone family. Iphones join Ipads and Ipods within the Apple family.

4. Blackberry Phones

Blackberry phones have always been considered business phones because of their features. However in recent times has unveiled a new series of smartphones. These phones remain true to their “business roots”, but also provide apps that would be expected from a smartphone.