Game of Thrones Season 3 Review

Before we begin our review of season 3, let’s have a little recap on season 2 shall we? Ok as you know season 2 ended kind of like season one, with massive amounts of cliffhangers don’t you agree? Well as you know in the previous season a lot has happened in Westeros and beyond the narrow sea. Ok let’s start with the main land, the war between the Lanisters and Starks had not yet come to its final conclusion, but the Lanisters did win against Stanis Baratheon, by lifting the siege of King’s Landing with the help of House House Tyrell, but one of the more popular character namely Tyrion Lanister got injured in the battle.

game of thrones season 3

Well to cut the story short the Lanisters still hold the Iron Throne and thus hold power over at Wessteros, but they still have no new of their beloved Jaime. Now let’s head to the Starks side of the story, well King Rob is still taking the fight to the Lanisters, Lady Catelyn is still the worried mother, Brand and Rickon just escaped from Winterfel, Sansa is still trapped in King’s Landing, Arya is now free from Harrenhal and making her way north. Let’s not forget our dear bastard Jon Snow, who by the way was captured by wildings and is now trying to infiltrate their army, but his friend Sam is in a whole lot of trouble, specially that the White Walkers are now on the move . And now for the last remaining blood of the Dragon, Daenerys Targaryen has just freed her babies form the hands of the warlocks of Qarth and is now journeying by ship to find an army to help her win the Iron Throne just like her ancestors.

Alright then now for Season 3, well I can only say this. Get ready for a very bumpy ride! Season 3 offers you a full experience of Fantasy, Drama, Intrigue, Betrayals and I whole lot of Action. First of all in the Capitol, Lord Tywin Lanister has now taken Tyrion’s old job as Hand of the King and his not very happy with his children’s actions I don’t know why, but I think Tryon did an excellent job at defending the city, while the king hid in his keep with his mother. Jon Snow had met with the King Beyond the wall, and had actually have bin accepted, well more or less I guess.

War still ravages the land, but the war will come to its end soon enough, whether you like it or not. New characters will be introduced and old ones will have more developments in their stories. And now Daenerys will finally make her move on reclaiming the Iron Throne, with the help of the Unsullied and of course her Dragons, what are this Unsullied you ask? Well their eunuch slave soldiers who are famous for their discipline and martial prowess. Well if it makes you understand better, think of them as SARTANS without balls. Go watch season 3 and prepare for the war!