Glitz, Glamour and Critics; The Harsh One

There are only a few channels that I like on cable, one of which is E! channel because I love entertainment news. I like to hear about the latest in Hollywood; movies, gossips, fashion, life story, scandals, music all of them. I like to tune in whenever Fashion Police is on.

Host Joan Rivers is absolutely hilarious, you never get bored of her funny sarcasms, and I think some of them are way over board but I don’t know why she’s being tolerated. There’s also Giuliana Rancic she’s a new mom and also a host in E! news I like her fashion critics because they are not too harsh compared to Joan. There’s also Kelly Osbourne, I really like her here because I think her quirky personality and fashion transformation adds fun to the show. George Kotsiopoulos, also fashion stylist has these weird opinions about the clothes sometimes but I like his critics as well.

I think they all have different opinions about fashion, sometimes contradicting because one of them will either defend, suggest or trash someone’s fashion statements but overall the show is a hit, it’s funny you can’t help but agree with them.