GO Launcher EX: The Launcher of Generation

Go Launcher EX is defined by most people as the launcher of the current generation that are one way to totally enjoy and give you the chance to experience a lot of innovative things when it comes to your android smart phones. Comes with a lot of customizable options, unique theme designs, a lot of widgets and different plug-ins, and different special effects, for sure this is something that you shouldn’t miss.

Themes and Appearance

If you are someone who would want to have a simpler look to your smart phone or tablet then GO Launcher EX may not be a good option to you. It is ideal for those people who would love to have different customizations on their devices and have some time to make it even smarter than what it is right now. With hundreds of available themes in the android market that is compatible for GO Launcher EX, you surely need a lot of time to check each of it and try for yourself.

Widgets and Plugins

To make your experience even better, it comes with different widgets and plugins that would be able to brighten up the screen of your devices and make you enjoy a lot more things. Widgets are very useful for you to easily access different things like your social networking feeds, images, and even the settings of your phone, and the best thing about it is that you won’t need to open and see the lists of your applications as you can just do it right in your home screen.

Customizing your own smart phone could be really fun and this is something that you shouldn’t miss especially with the use of different customizable options that the GO Launcher EX would be able to give to you.