Google Nexus 5 with Android 4.4 Kitkat

After so many speculations and hints, the release of the Google Nexus 5 is now official and it comes with the latest operating system version of Android which is the Android 4.4 Kitkat, making its way to overcome the release of Apple’s iPhone 5c.

The Design

It is just almost the same with the Google Nexus 4 but with some minimal changes, you can still love it especially now that it has the word “nexus” on the back cover. It offers a smaller bezel compared to what the Nexus 4 has and its front cover just looks the same with the LG G2. If you are fond of sporting out different colors for your smart phones then this is something for you as it offers four different phone cases colors that you can enjoy.

The Innovated Features

The Google Play Store had just unveiled the release of the Google Nexus 5 as the next generation of their Google Nexus 4 that has been one of the flagship of the company ever since the release. It now offers to be just 8. 59 mm and is the current slimmest of all the Google phones that has been released, making it really thinner compared to the iPhone 5c, but not as thin as what the Samsung Galaxy s4 features. It currently sports a five inches full HD display with an amazing 1920 x 1080 p resolution which is higher than what iPhone 5s and Amazon Kindle Fire HDX tablet currently features.

With the release of another smart phone in the market right now, most probably fanatics would be starting to check this out immediately especially that it features Android 4.4 which is said to be the fastest and most advanced of all the versions of Android OS that was ever developed.