Google Releases New YouTube App for the Latest iOS Devices

Last month, Apple officially dropped the YouTube app for iOS devices after introducing the iOS 6 because of the expiration of their license. Now, Google announced that they will make their own app for iOS and they were successful in making the new YouTube app.

This app can now be downloaded for the App Store for free in your iPhone or iPad touch. As we open the app we see that the top-right section of it has the search button and it will also provide search suggestions as we type. You can also share the video on Twitter, Facebook, Google +, email as well as in SMS.

The similarities with the new iOS YouTube app and the Android YouTube app were surprising once we opened the app. It features the same wide tile features for videos in your home feed. Once you open the video, you can see similarities available in the Android version. To display additional add-ons you just need to swipe left to the screen. By scrolling downward, all the categories of videos in YouTube will be available.

In a complete view of this new YouTube app for iOS, it’s not pretty bad once you start using it but it has a couple of major flaws in it as well. Firstly, there is no option for us to upload any videos in YouTube which is absurd since Google has not yet commented on why it did not add the feature. We expect to get an update for it soon and hopefully we will be able to upload videos with it. Secondly, there is no iPad version for it. This time, Google said that they will be releasing the iPad version within the coming two months. You can give this app a try by just downloading it from the App Store.