Healthy Skin for a Beautiful Me

I am born with a naturally tanned skin. I don’t know if I can be considered lucky or not, because majority of Filipino women wants to be fair skinned. I, for one, would also like to get that fair skin that everyone is dying to have but then I still can’t afford to have that whitening treatment that is sure to be effective and safe. The only thing that I can do for my skin as of today is to make it look healthy.

The best way, for me, to keep my skin look healthy is to keep myself hydrated. Water helps me get rid of the impurities that cause skin to be dry and dull. And to back-up the water therapy, I use this mineral cream for my face to be protected from dust and for it to have that shiny finish. I can’t just use any other cheap creams because it can cause allergies that may trigger pimples. This cream is quite expensive but then I could say that this would be worth it.