Internet Can Be The Be All And End All Of A Teenage DOT A Player

So many of today’s teens are so taken with DOT A some gave up school in exchange for DOT A. Ever wondered what they’ve found so mesmerizing about those almost monstrous looks of the DOT A characters. It was used once as screen saver on a pc I’m using. Their undecipherable looks make me pause and looked at them closely. What is it in you the teens loved so much you are the be all and end all of their world?

So many online games have come and gone there’s no other game that can compare to DOT A in popularity amongst teens. In net cafes, time zones and virtual hubs you can find teens so engrossed with DOT A so much sometimes they will lose their important belongings so engrossed were they with DOT A. Even young children as young as seven years old were dubbed DOT A boy or girl by the online players they come across with in net cafes. They don’t like playing at home alone though. They want the atmosphere of the net cafes with a few of their fellow DOT A players calling off their moves and skills. They could forget they are hungry just to continue their DOT A saga.