IT Industry’s Very Own Soap Opera: Lawsuits After Lawsuits

Apple vs Samsung vs HTC vs Nokia vs Motoral vs the world. There seems to be no end to the legal battles for warring mobile companies. Some of the legal issues being tackled recently include patent infringements, data breaches and hacking, mobile companies breaking local laws and more. If you are asking why these things tickle my mind’s eye, court decisions could be game changers. Who can forget how the halted AT&T and T-Mobile merger threatened to monopolize the mobile networking industry? But, the rulings made the former paid a surmountable amount for the failed deal. According to the recent studies, AT&T still trails Verizon in the United States.

But the money involved is not the only factor that could hurt a party. Losing a legal case can tarnish any good public reputation. And with negative perspectives spreading like wild fire nowadays due to rampancy of social media, market demand could significantly go down the pits. This is especially sensitive when we touch data leakage and hacking. Any confidential information of a customer put at risk is a sign of the business framework’s weakness. And as a consumer, why would I pay for a service or a product that may compromise my sensitive and personal data.