Japan’s Timeless Culture

Ever since I was young, I really wanted to go to Japan. I was just only seeing it on the television: watching movies and Japanese cartoons. I can’t get enough of the culture and I wish someday I could visit this wonderful place.

japan traditional culture

The People

There is something about the Japanese culture that makes them stand out. I love how the Japanese people have survived after the war. After the years of isolating from the outside world, they have proven that they can stand on their own. It’s not easy to start all over but hey look at them now, their technology are one of the best, and they cannot do all that without the people supporting each other to get to where they are now.

The Traditional Culture

One of the best things in Japan is their rich culture. I fell in love with their language, and their music. From time to time I sing along the Japanese songs that I learned. Another thing that I love about their culture is their traditional clothing; the Kimono and the Yukata. These clothing comes in different patterns and designs depending on the season. The Japanese architecture is to be adored as well, however these are influenced by the Chinese, there are designs that are distinctly their own. How could you not resist their food? Certainly their cuisines have been very popular. I love sushi, ramen, maki, donburi, yakisoba, yakiniku, I think I love the Japanese food and I can’t get enough of it.

The Pop Culture

I think what I really love about Japan is their popular culture. They have conquered it all from the music, technology, fashion, cartoons that made Japan distinct from other culture. I have come to know more about Japan because of the anime (Japanese cartoons), they also have manga (Japanese comics). And because of these they have made cosplays interesting. These cultures have been known worldwide and it seems to just keep getting more popular.

Japan is certainly a mix of timeless culture. You can still see the Japanese wearing Kimonos and Yukatas today, they respect their culture and they continue to live through it. If you want to travel in Asia, why not go visit Japan and check it out.