Jeffrey’s Mom Is A Great Woman

Jeffrey always talked about his Mom and her graciousness. She was the funniest lady they have ever met. A friend of his mother would tell great stories about her. She and her friends would be laughing the whole afternoon in a restaurant that allowed them to hang out even if they were close for the afternoon. She had this charm that people are drawn to. And Jeffrey will never forget it.

He also won’t forget the exciting yamaha dgx 640 at musicians friend. Jeffrey’s Mommy gave that to him as a graduation present. He would play his Les Miserables music on it. Jeffrey’s mom would sing along while he played. It was fantastic. She not only had the charm, the grace and the wit, she also had the voice. It was something Maggie needed to live up to. She was Jeffrey’s wife and she had big shoes to fill. She loves hearing about Jeffrey’s mom too, and she knows he really doesn’t compare them.