Microsoft Office: Which Version Are You?


One of the most well known pieces of software is Microsoft Office. This software allows a user to access a variety of different programs and functions. These programs can help created different documents, flyers, spreadsheets, graphs, presentations and much more. This software can be used for both personal, business as well as scholastic purposes. Microsoft Office was first released in 1989 and featured Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Throughout the years new programs were added to the list including: Outlook, OneNote and Publisher. Also, the programs: Word, Excel and PowerPoint have been upgraded, since their inception.

In Depth Look

With the Microsoft Word program you can create documents, edit, print, save and even spell check sentences. Microsoft Excel allows you to create spreadsheets and store important data for companies, business, or sales. You can also create graphs and charts that you can add to your word documents. Microsoft Powerpoint allows you to create presentations with effects, music and videos. You can also link videos and media from the internet into your Powerpoint presentation. The power of Microsoft office is that it allows you to sync different programs into one huge project. For example, you can add a graph made in excel to your word document. You can also add a word document into your presentation

Software Availability

Microsoft Office software can be found at retail stores and even be downloaded online. There is also an option to only download the software that you want. For example you can download Microsoft Word separately from the other programs in Office.