Mockingjay: The Depressing Conclusion

This is the finale book of Suzanne Collins Hunger Games series. This book has taken off into a different turn after Katniss Everdeen has been rescued from the arena and finding Haymitch talking to Finnick and Plutarch. Peeta on the other hand was taken by the Capitol. It turns out that Plutarch was sent by the rebels and is working with district 13, the district that was annihilated long ago by the Capitol. Headed by President Coin, district 13 has become a refuge for District 12 who has been bombed by the capitol forces and now Katniss will do her duty as a symbol of the rebellion and take down the Capitol and President Snow.

What the other people think about the book

You know what? A lot of people have been disappointed with the third book because they have not expected it to be too depressing, people wants to see change for the characters that somehow they can surpass all the difficulties and unending torment which the Capitol did to the people but it turns out they end up dying. We learned that Gale was not all that good that he has all this angst and pursued to be revolutionary rather than finding peace and agreement.

President Coin is no better than President Snow herself. She wants to take down the Capitol but the new government that she is going to create can be as greedy and as cruel as what the Capitol was. Haymitch was still as alcoholic and a jerk as before. Peeta had gone mad and Katniss was not really emotionally stable, and despite she has become the Mockingjay, the symbol of rebellion she finds herself the stuck as before, all dress up as a rebel playing in front of the cameras for the capitol to see.

My thoughts about the book

I understand why Suzanne Collins did this because the real world is as cruel as the world she created. No matter which side you take, there are always people controlling you. War exists because of greedy people who wants power, and who suffers the most? That’s right, the poor, the oppressed and the people under such leadership. They are the ones whose lives been taken, used and toyed with. This book’s revelations have proceeded in a dark tone. You will find little happiness in here mostly more about cruelty and bitterness.

I was really excited about how the author is going to end the third book. I really like Mockingjay despite the emotional trauma it left me because of its ending. I think somehow the ending could need a couple more pages, I think that it has been a little hurried; it didn’t explain much about President Snow’s death, Gale and Katniss’ mother. It was heartbreaking to read that Prim had died. I love the last line on the ending: “You love me, real or not real? Real.” Those lines brought warmth as I read it but the Prologue had made it all gloomy again, so yes I had gone through a weeks of mourning from this book, it took me awhile to get over.