My Dad’s Band Clamps

It is my dad’s business to sell different kinds of things. In fact he owns a warehouse like store where you can see everything, from dishwashing liquids to different kinds of machineries. T has been his hobby to collect things and sell them when he does not feel like using them anymore. We let him do that because that is the only vice he has; he does not smoke, drink, party and even play at casinos. Perfect dad eh?

What I like most about what he sells is the band clamp. This material helps fasten things that are not parallel to each other. These clamps are one of the best-sellers my dad has in his store. When I was a kid, I wonder why these people (dad’s customers) like buying band clamps, I did not understand the functions of these things until I grew older and had my own family. Now I understand why clamps are important for our lives.