My Favourite Travel Mode

For me, riding an airplane used to be a dream. As a child, I already knew that I wanted to ride an airplane because I like to fly. I wanted to know how it feels to be up there, near the clouds. There was even a point in time when I dreamed of taking up flying courses in college. Airfares used to be really expensive, but with the current style of marketing airlines where every seat is sold at a promo price, riding a plane became my favourite mode of transportation.

It became my favourite because it is the most convenient and the fastest way to travel. The travel from one island to another takes only half an hour and it would only take an hour to travel from one country to another. And the best thing about riding a plane is that you can check-in your baggage and you can already have a hassle-free trip.

That photo of the plane’s aisle was taken during my last trip, when I was bound to Iloilo City, Philippines. It was one of the most convenient trips that I had so far, my bags are checked in and I only had this little bag and my camera with me. I really enjoy the times when I get to ride a plane.