My love for Park Yoochun

I came to know about this Korean star Park Yoochun when I was watching his drama Sungkyungkwan scandal. Watching the drama made me like him and the character he played as well. I just love how he smiled, it just melts my heart. Then I couldn’t get enough of him, I was viewing him on YouTube, watching his interviews and I came to know that he’s a member of a popular all male group DBSK and then when they got disbanded they formed a trio called JYJ. I was listening and watching their music videos and yeah I liked him even more because not only that he acts, he also sing and dance! What more can you ask for a guy?

Park Yoochun

And then I watched Rooftop Prince and he got me falling for him again with his performance, he made me laugh and cry at the same. Omg! Like I really loved him in that drama and when the series ended, I felt sad. Seriously the drama series last two episodes got me all crying, the time traveling concept in most cases always ends up sad for me.

I thought it would take some time before I can see another Park Yoochun drama but I just came to know that he’s got a new one called Missing You/I miss you. I just seen the trailer and I tell you, it’s a whole new level of his acting. He will seriously make me cry. As much as I hate heavy drama but it’s Park Yoochun! Call me a masochist but the thought of Yoochun making me cry is both wonderful and painful at the same time. I will definitely watch Missing You, I’m been dying to see him again.