My Motorola Memories

“Hello Moto”. Those words were still ringing in my ears whenever I remember having V3 Motorola Razr years ago. Android phones were not yet available that time and Motorola contributes to the big chunk of cellphone markets along with Nokia and Sony Ericson.

Motorola has its own uniqueness and style for being the one to offer super slim phone models that surely dictates fashion. The easy-to-press buttons and robotic-like interface designs made me use my phone often even I don’t have someone to text or call. I just can’t stop appreciating its glamour and beauty. As time goes by, with new phone models entering the market, I still can’t change my phone for its stylish features. I did change my phone not because I had enough Motorola experience but because of its system breakdown after I dropped it about 5 feet high.

Today, Motorola still offers elegant phone models that can cope with its impending competitors. Of course, the Razr series comes back with stunning new android smartphone models like the Motorola Razr XT910. I first thought that my Motorola passion faded a long time ago after having a different model of smartphone but after seeing their new ones, it seems that my Motorola memories keeps coming back. It won’t be long again to hearing “Hello Moto”.