My Powerful Wedge

I saw this very attractive wedge that was worn by one of my officemates. It is an orange velvet wedge sandals that looks very attractive. I then asked her she’d bought it, and she honestly answer it was from Mag’s (a popular boutique in our hometown).

Few days after, I went to Mag’s with my mom because I’d like to get her opinion. I asked for the wedge similar to my officemate’s design but of different colour. I chose the fuchsia pink and mustard combination instead of the orange and brown. However, my mom didn’t agree with my preferred design. Instead, she recommended a skin tone coloured wedge with Aztec prints. At first I was doubtful, but when I fitted it, I thought that my legs looked cute on it and most especially, it felt comfortable. And so I bought it immediately.

I never regretted that I bought it. Even my friends were amazed by it and one of them told me that I look powerful in it. Indeed, feeling beautiful empowers a woman.