My World Revolving Around Mobile Apps

Perhaps, mobile applications are the backbones that make the industry sturdy and eventually push forward the mobile industry to the pinnacle of financial success and increased engagement. My iPhone, Android phone and tablet have both been engulfed by mobile applications. From photo filtering and sharing apps to payments, gaming and geolocation, apps make me barely touch my computers and rely heavily on mobile gadgets. This is very convenient as I am no longer required to bring bulky stuff on the road or at the office with these pocket-sized devices.

Moreover, I can now watch over my health and wellness with medical, exercise, diet and physical training apps. Nike training’s my favorite, by far. Exhausting, but really burns calories and those excess love handles. I am also a self-proclaimed couch shopper. I have a rather busy life, I do not have the luxury to visit malls and shop for gifts or commodities I need. Online shopping and payment apps feed this habit of mine. It saves me from the hassle of lining up especially during the holiday rush. Some of my spare time is spent with my favorite mobile games.