Overlooking the Nexus 7

The newly launched Nexus 7 by Google is a big breakthrough in Android’s advancement and unlike some of the previous Nexus gadgets; the new Nexus 7 will hopefully gain a lot of contraction with its customers and make itself more important. The Jelly Bean is debuted on this tab and it lays down the foundation for the development direction for android gadgets.

Besides the Jelly Bean, the Nexus 7 packs a Tegra 3 Chipset, a 7” LCD screen with WXGA resolution and a good price to purchase. Its price is similar to the Amazon Kindle Fire. Although it fully Android, the Nexus 7 originates from Google with the latest OS and promises for timely updates.

ASUS has done a good job making the Nexus 7. It weighs 340 grams which is much lighter than other tabs in its class. It has a metallic edge running around the edge and gives a stylish look at the back which is made out of plastic with an elegant dotted pattern. Its size (198.5 x 120 x 10.5 mm) is average compared to Samsung which tend to be thinner and Kindle Fire which tends to be thicker.

266ppi pixel density ensures clear cut images. Colors are appropriate, but it would have been more preferred if it was more infused. Indoor viewing is good, but its screen turns to a reflector outside, when the sun is bright and it flashes directly upon it. A drawback for the Nexus 7 is that Google and ASUS has both skipped a main camera and microSD slot and more time is needed to figure out if these things are missed.