Popular Apps on Iphones

Apps have become increasingly popular since the inception of smartphones. These apps allow smartphone users to access a wide variety of different entertainment, media, features and functions found on the Itunes market. Some apps come pre installed on the phone while others require the user to download them. Recently a brand new app has been causing quite a stir for smartphone users. The most popular apps on the Itunes charts is Bitstrips. This increasingly popular app began appearing during the end of 2013. This app allows facebook users to create comic strips starring them.

Bitstrips: In depth Look

Bitstrips is an incredibly popular app that is found on Itunes. This app can be downloaded on Iphones, Android phones and even Windows Phones. This app allows a user to make a comic caricature of themselves. This caricature can be customized with different clothing, hairstyles and even accessories. Facebook friends can choose to create comic strips that showcase their caricature in some unusual and funny situations. Users can select from pre designed backgrounds or create unique ones of their own. Bitstrips even allows Facebook friends to place their characters on their friends bitstrips. This allows friends to create a unique comic strip involving both of their caricatures.

Final Look at Bitstrips Application

Bitstrips can be downloaded from Itunes for free. It is also possible to download this app from the Apple Marketplace, Android Marketplace and Windows App center. Bitstrips can even be added as a person’s profile picture.