Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1: The Slimmest Tablet

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is a tablet computer that is using an Android OS and is manufactured and designed by the Samsung Company. It was first introduced in the market on the 22nd of March, 2011 during the CTIA Wireless Convention. It is one of the known series from the Samsung Galaxy Tab and features a 10.1 inches screen and display.

Product Features

With the new release of this tablet, it features a better design and better screen compared to its predecessors. It features a very great experience as it is the lightest and the thinnest screen tablet that you would be able to find in the market right now. You would be able to enjoy is mobility because of its very light and thin body. It is slim and easy to handle and you can carry it wherever you want!

Home Screen and Multi Tasking

You can have the chance to enjoy a very innovative home screen experience with its Live Panel in which you can have the chance to easily access all the different things that you may need to check just right with your home screen. You are free to arrange your home screen depending on the looks that you want and enjoy it as much as you like. It also offers some mini apps which enables you to do multi tasking and check some information like date, time, calculator and the task manager.

The release of this tablet had made everyone’s life easier and more comfortable especially that it features a bigger screen and a very light weight, ideal for those people who would want to have some comfort in holding it to different places.