Skype Hype

Communicating with somebody nowadays can be done with a few buttons using our cellphones and/or gadgets. We can chat, call, and for a more realistic experience, we can video call. Many applications that ease communication started popping out of the market as soon as advance tools were introduced. Until now, I’ve been using only one reliable application of this kind: Skype.

skype logo

Skype not only become a media in the so called ‘communication’ but likewise a catalyst on how people communicate like they were in front of each other. Based from my experience, Skype has been a user friendly application that even a child can use it. Its features were like a mixture of other applications like the Yahoo Messenger, Paltalk, and many more. Skype is an excellent choice not only in commercial use but also in business transactions and meetings. Using Skype, I can attend a conference from miles across the world as if he/she is in the room.

Skype has been my partner in a fun and enjoyable conversation with my family using their smiley features like no other. It spiced up our conversation and we would eventually talk for hours because we cannot account the time while appreciating using the application. Skype is not my ordinary tool for communication; Skype is my weapon of choice.