Smart Bra from Microsoft

While everyone is all anticipating for the release of smart phones and smart watches, Microsoft is busy in creating and developing their smart bra.         Yes, that is right; it is part of the wearable technology and is targeting a big audience of women in the near future.

Possible Use of Smart Bra

According to the Microsoft, the smart bra has an ability of reading the skin and heart activities of a person in order to detect the stress and other issues that are related on it. It is specifically designed in order to avoid the stress that most women are having because of over eating.

How does it work?

The information from the mood of the person who is going to use it will be saving on an application that is available for smart phones. The application will be the one to warn the user when the level of their stress is already getting higher and if it is about to occur. There is also a designated wearable technology that was first designed for men, but it isn’t successful so they decided to make smart bra for girls which are closer to the heart.

It seems that wearable technology is starting to be known in the market and each technology and electronic companies are really interested in creating their own model and brands to show off in the market. With the release of the smart bra, should users expect to also have smart underwear and garments in the future?