Spoilers: My thoughts on The City of Fallen Angels

This is the fourth book in the Mortal Instruments series. Valentine has been defeated, Clary and her friends are back in New York and now she wants to be trained as a Shadow hunter and learn how to properly use her powers. Just as things are getting better a new problem arises as Nephilims are being killed, those included in Valentine’s circle. Simon has great role in this book, many downwolders wants him on their clan because of the “Mark of Cain” and Jace has become obsessed with Clary to the point that he’s killing her on his dreams and that’s the reason why he is avoiding her.

City of Fallen Angels

Actually this book was depressing. I thought the third book was epic because that’s exactly the ending of the Mortal Instruments series but I don’t know why Cassandra Clare decided to proceed with the fourth one. This book focused more on Simon and Clary and Jace’s boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. I did enjoy reading their hot make up sessions but seriously I hate it when Jace is holding himself to actually touch Clary because he’s afraid he’ll hurt her just like in his dreams. I hate it when Sebastian was not dead something about Jace being risen from the dead, he represents the light and Sebastian the dark. So if the light has to live so is the dark. You know, balance.

I got frustrated with the ending because Jace and Sebastian shared the same blood and therefore they became one, I hate it when Jace had hurt Clary because he was possessed and I hate it more because he’ll become evil now. It was really depressing for me that I wanted to throw the book. I’m such a fan and I wanted my dear Jace back, I know he’s fictional but I love him but despite all this I’m still going to read the fifth book and see what happens.