Sunshine and Daisies With Music In Our World

I love walking down the whole length of our small village with beyerdynamic headphones at Musicians Friend against my ears. For a good par t of many years of my life I just had to have the best headphone for my walkman, then discman, now my ipod. It was the power of the music coming from my brain going down to my whole body like an electric shock. It’s pure adrenaline.

That is how I lost weight and it wasn’t the healthiest thing to do, really. It could damage my eardrums, playing them up to the hilt on maximum volume. But it felt great. I walked rain or shine. When it rained I took an umbrella, when it was sunny I had a hat on. Music makes life so much nicer. From the classics to jazz and reggae. These men and women involved in the Industry are living Gods who easily creates melodies that harmonizes even the most gloomiest of days.