Why iPhone is Not the Only Competition

Apple released the iPhone 5 late last year and most people, especially Apple enthusiast thought that this would put an end to the Smartphone wars. Reality check, though the iPhone 5 is a cool phone that most people would kill to have, it is not the best out there, but just one of them. This […]

Being Both Winners: Microsoft VS Apple

From the first computing tools like abacus up to super thin laptops, there has never been a void time that these ‘friends’ become influential. These computing machines we now call computers grew with mankind. I also observed how those bulky desktops turned into flat screen monitors, from a single processer to multi-processor, from DOS operating […]

Check Out The Top 10 Apple Apps Of 2012

A good app can make your day go a lot smoother in a lot of ways.  Some apps can help you pass the time while sitting in a doctor’s office while other apps can help you research the big project due at work in a week.  The problem is that there are so many apps […]

Google Releases New YouTube App for the Latest iOS Devices

Last month, Apple officially dropped the YouTube app for iOS devices after introducing the iOS 6 because of the expiration of their license. Now, Google announced that they will make their own app for iOS and they were successful in making the new YouTube app. This app can now be downloaded for the App Store […]

An Ipad For $200, A Bargain Price Indeed That’s Too Good To Be True

As I was browsing Google about anything related to new technology I came across news about a woman buying an iPad for $200 and actually was only a mirror. They were gassing up and a stranger came to their car to offer the bargain iPad. Well they learned their lessons and said never to buy […]