Hyundai Elantra: On its 5th Generation

Hyundai Elantra or Hyundai Avante in South Korea is one of the most ideal compacts cars in the market right now that were made by Hyundai since the year 1990, but now it has been back in the market on its fifth generation series. It was formerly known to be Lantra in Australia and was […]

Buying Your First Car: Car Guide For Novices

Whether you are searching for a new or used car, there are something to consider before the ink dries. Many people receive their very first car around the of 16-18. This is a very important time as you are finally gaining new responsibilities as a young adult. Before buying your first car it is important […]

Target Sales For Mitsubishi Can Be Realized By End Of Year 2012

Mitsubishi had set target sales for 13,000 cars by end of the current 2013 fiscal year. Well to synch with the current mainstream for today‚Äôs lifestyle cars form as one of our basic commodities. In this millennium you need cars to function as effectively as you are expected. That is why the auto industry is […]